Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sculptures, Skeleton and Spring

Today was an S day. Too bad it was a Tuesday rather than a Saturday or Sunday. One of those days and it would have been Four of a Kind. The sculpture portion of the day took place out at Lewis Clark College. While Anne and I were waiting for the Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art to open, we wandered into the building that houses the art department. The exhibit currently on display there includes these two sculptures. The entire exhibit is quite striking and really warrants another trip.

The End of the Affair

Once home after a quick lunch and errands, the ritual walk around the block with the dog found me face to face with this rearview window ornament. It's always interesting to me to speculate on what prompted the choice to hang/not to hang/what to hang. This skelton seems to be quite comfortable with the purple creature next to it.

A Reminder

Watching other people's gardens is one of the great pleasures of walking dogs. With the advent of spring it's ever so wonderful. Enjoy the purple crocus...

Purple Beauties

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