Thursday, March 15, 2012


Emerging is the title of an exhibition of photography acquisitions at the Portland Art Museum. Since 2009 the museum has acquired over 500 photos of which 54 are exhibited. With all of the rain Portland has experienced in the last week or so, it seemed most appropriate to use the brochure with Suk Kuhn Oh's photo against a background of raindrops. At some point Portlanders will emerge from the drips and puddles!

Last week, there was a brief respite from the rain and a friend and I ventured out to Lewis and Clark College. The campus is filled with sculptures including one with spiraling steel...
Swirling Down the Rabbit Hole
If you should get to close to Code of Phylogeny (by Obie B Simonis) you too could get caught in a vortex and perhaps come out in one of Portland's puddles!

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