Monday, September 24, 2012

Journey from the Tate Modern towards the Tate

Millenium Crouch

The image above was taken as we left the Tate Modern. Although we had been there on a previous day we had decided to return primarily to visit the Seagram Murals by Mark Rothko. It was a lovely day for a stroll across Millenium Bridge that you see here in the reflection. Our goal was to go to the Mansion House station of the District/Circle Underground lines. The image below is of a train whooshing by ... actually that is likely our train so hop aboard and see a few more sites.

The Eye of London was directly across from us when we stood in front of Big Ben. You can see the Thames as well as the clouds that will linger and rain on us later as well as other days while we were in London;

No post of this part of London would be complete without a few from Trafalgar Square and with Winston Churchill too.

There's a lovely park next to the House of Parliament and you can see Rodin's Burghers of Calais (or have your lunch in front of it) and also just generally enjoy the day and the great out of doors.

This last image is just before you arrive at the Tate. You're still directly next to the Thames but are sheltered by the low hanging trees along the promenade.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tate Britain ~ Museum Tour

The blog has been on hiatus. Much has happened with many photos taken but still sitting waiting to be sorted. On holiday at the moment with some time on my hands ~ quite ill in Chelsea! These photos are from the Tate ~ not the Tate Modern but the Tate Britain as it's sometimes known or just the Tate. These all had titles when I posted them to Facebook. So if you're on Facebook add me as your friend and you'll be able to see what they are. Too knackered as they say here (rubbish, car park, thermals, estate agent, lift, trolley, the list goes on) to add all of the titles again right away. Londoners speak English just a slightly different dialect. When in Rome do as the Romans so knackered it is!