Thursday, March 29, 2012

Joseph and Corey are part of the Daimler team Car2Go

bringing this fleet of Car2Go's to the streets of Portland. The fleet arrived 14 March and could be seen at the Daimler headquarters parking lot on Swan Island. They'll be scattered around Portland for easy access. To celebrate the arrival Daimler is hosting a launch party at Pioneer Square the weekend of March 31 and April 1.

From the Portland Bureau of Transportation website here is their list of car sharing options...

•Getaround, a peer to peer car sharing company, launched its service in Portland this winter. 
•Car2Go, pay-by-the-minute one-way car share arm of Daimler, will begin service in Portland this spring. 
•Google-backed Relay Rides - a peer to peer car share service active in Boston area, recently announced backing from General Motors and the intent to the enter the Portland market. 
•Zipcar, the most established car share company of the bunch, recently bought a stake in peer to peer car sharing company. ...
•UHaul's car share company, uhaulcarshare has three cars at the Lewis and Clark campus.

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