Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recent Purchases and the End of Winter

Keep Calm and Carry On

All images have tales to tell. This one involves recent purchases... That snappy "Keep Calm and Carry On" iPhone case is a temporary replacement for the leather Sena case that will soon be returned under warranty. The black stitching is holding the snap portion together after the glue failed. Voice from the Couch insisted that he needed not only some protection for his trusty iPhone 4 (calendar, email, text messages, photos, Scrabble, and oh yes, phone) but that he should also have a motivational message too!

The video case next to the two cases is of John Frames Three Fragments of a Lost Tale. If you're here in Portland you really do owe it to yourself to see this man's creations. They're currently on exhibit at the Portland Art Museum in the galleries above the Mark Rothko exhibition. Here's a link  to a small portion of his website. And here's the link to the Portland Art Museum's exhibition.

Moving to images outside, here's what the Portland sky looked like today and below that is another with the silhouette of one of Portland's many trees.
Fox Tower Looms Large
A Day Late in Winter

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Ana said...

Hi! Where did you bought the iphone case "keep calm"? I love it!