Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wind Powered "American Gothic"

American Gothic ~ Wind Power

Tonight was the first Thursday of the month. What better way to celebrate the month of July than to go to First Thursday ~ the art walk in Portland's downtown and Pearl District. Spread over a wide geographic area, there are far too many galleries to see. And since it's summer there are also street vendors for four blocks on NW 13th. Added to the mix was the Ecotrust buildings Thursday Sundown concert. Seen here is the backdrop for PGE's wind power program. Grant Wood would probably be happier if this had been set up so that all of us could have been part of his American Gothic world. But space was limited so its role was as backdrop.

Added to the mix was that the evening was pleasantly warm ... like summer should be!

Here's another American Gothic here in Portland... 
Taken at the Lucky Lab on NW Quimby
Finally We're at the Lucky Lab

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