Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Inspiration can come from many sources. A friend mentioned that he has started using Instagram's prompts to take photos with his iPhone, saying that the process keeps his creative juices flowing. Whether it be a photo prompt or a poetic prompt or some other device that you check daily, find a source that will lead you to look carefully at the world around you. Today was spent doing a myriad of things, all humdrum and filled with movement that precluded the carrying of a camera. It wasn't until this evening in the midst of cooking that I remembered the photo prompt from the Flickr group Our Daily Challenge ~ sign of change of season. Looking around I thought of the local asparagus I had purchased today. Asparagus starts to ripen in late Spring and there it was ... and here it is, I was getting ready to add it to the grill with the potatoes that were already cooking as well as the salmon that was just about ready to pop on there too.


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