Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strong People

Here are two images, one is of a statue of Teddy Roosevelt who would have liked to have been remembered as a Rough Rider. The other is of a small stuffed rabbit given by another friend to my friend Gayle who entered Hospice today. Gayle is 91 and has hiked to the top of all of the volcanos in the Pacific Northwest. She did this in the 1940's. The plus side for Gayle is that she'll soon be talking directly with Teddy exchanging exploits...
The Rough Rider
At the End of Life
Gayle was moved from the hospital back to Cedar Crest, the Alzheimer's Unit where she's lived for two years, yesterday afternoon. She seemed far less agitated when I saw her this morning. Hospice will be a blessing for her so that she can be in familiar surroundings as she continues to decline.

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