Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day at the Museum

Yesteday was a glorious day to be out in the sun. Today it mostly rained, so a much better day to be inside. And if you're going to be inside you might as well be inside at the art museum. Here are three from the Portland Art Museum.

First up would be a portion of William Morris' 399 pieces of blown glass. They're on permanent display at the east end of the 4th floor of the Hoffman Wing showcasing Northwest Art. Next to them is Arvie Smith's Dem Golden Slippers a candid view of the history of African Americans.
114/365 ~ William Morris and Arvie Smith

And then there's Henk Pander, a Portlander for years. His Bombardier will linger with you for days. Why is he there without the pilot and navigator? What's he thinking as he looks at you while his plane heads for its fiery end. All of this painted in Pander's classic expressionist style.
The Bombadier ~ Henk Pander

And also a large Chihuly, known as L'Arbre Rouge.
Northwest Art ~ Dale Chihuly's L'Arbre Rouge

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